We all  had a lot of fun learning with the right Halloween spirit!  Harry Potter surely has it down! I can foresee a great future for these kids in making beautiful music and the “force” is still strong in these little musicians.


Music Math….students learn to count.

Students write Twinkle Little Star and get Halloween treats!

Learning how to find sharps, flats, and natural signs

Learning vocabulary and chords.   They are working so hard!

Practice Chart update:  

The practice wall is filling up and it is great to see how the minutes students practice are accumulating.  They all know their hard work is paying off! You can download these practice charts here

Fall Practice Charts 


Congratulations to those who have filled their accomplishment jars.  Marissa and Ian were the first two students who have finished.  Several other students who have finished and decorated their jars  with stickers.  Congratulations again!