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A Star Wars Welcoming this Fall…..The Force is Strong Here!

This season’s theme is about believing in oneself and understanding the benefits of hard work and importance of practice.  I’ve been working on elaborating  more with this theme wanting to create a rich visual learning environment for students—anchor charts for easy access and reference,  leveled charts to help students self monitor their progress,  build on their intrinsic motivation, and simple jars for students to fill with little  poms poms for each successful assignment.  Students earn rewards and recognition for those who fill their jar to the top.  It’s about acknowledging every success they’ve accomplished, no matter how small, in each lesson.


Getting Ready for Fall!

Monastery of Perceptual Adoration Summer Playthrough!

Beautiful Singing and Playing Sisters.  It was so fun collaborating with Elizabeth Patterson who also taught them voice and also played as my student!

Video Links are posted below.  Enjoy!


My Luz y mi Salvacion       https://youtu.be/PjqQBaJnU18
Adios, Reina de Cielos       https://youtu.be/dhzfsB6wlhY
Ave Verum Corpus              https://youtu.be/Hdac0dYK13w
Let My Prayers Rise Up      https://youtu.be/JEewtVTRTQQ
Lyrical Piece Op. 101          https://youtu.be/R6MH9cGZPfw
Faith of Our Fathers            https://youtu.be/M4haRWBuiEk
Minuet K. 5 Mozart              https://youtu.be/UBAPtGZ1Yes
Ceilito Lindo                        https://youtu.be/9QNBZFWzYlU
Sonatina Op. 36 No. 1        https://youtu.be/0hciUTHfAHk
 The Storm                          https://youtu.be/lA9QA6-6ajw
Morning Has Broken           https://youtu.be/lNgt89QYDBI
Happy Farmer                    https://youtu.be/pcO7ACkJLBY
Be Not Afraid                      https://youtu.be/yH30cVIIaNM


Summer Charts Finished!



Welcome back everyone! As we come to a close this summer, I would like to summarize the activities that have happened.   I am back after a long vacation to Virginia and Washington DC., played in Disneyland, and have learned a lot coming back from the annual Music Teachers Association of California Annual Convention in Anaheim.   I am eager to share resources with you all in my teaching. I hope you all had a good summer break and  I am almost ready to jump start the Fall semester.  Meanwhile, I want thank those who have continued to take lessons over the summer break and it is always good to keep up with your skills.  I myself have been able to give myself a little push as well learning new pieces,  trying out new experiences  i.e. traveling, water color painting, and substituting as a piano accompanist this summer for a vocal class at City College of San Francisco.  It was a great experience for me and testimony that we all never stop learning. I would to hear all of your experiences as well when we come back for lessons.
This summer I have passed out Practice Summer Charts for students to complete to keep track of their minutes of practice this summer.  Students had to put stickers on for every time they practiced 30 minutes.  I would like to recognize and congratulate the following students who have submitted and completed their charts:  Sally, Catie, Chole R., Niki, Brendan, Marrisa, Anna, and Olivia!  They have worked hard in keeping up a consistency of practice which is so important especially during the summer time.  Because of its success, I’ve decided to continue this for Fall.
You can download Fall Practice Charts here.  You can offer any prize incentives you want  each time they turn in  and submit a sheet to you.     Have fun with them!    Fall Practice Chart
Cheers to recognizing other successes this Summer:
  • Marissa  who have finished learning the complete set of Beethoven’s Sonatina in F Major!
  • Kaiden  who has completed learning “The May Song”
  • Catie and Sally  who have finished learning all the Twinkles and added harmony
  • NIki  for finishing up her 1st two songs in Suzuki Book 2, Ecossaise and Shory Story, and showing great improvements in technique with scales.
  • Adalyn  who has been making strides in her reading skills.
  • Joanna  who has finished learning a challenging Chopin Nocturne! Good Job!
  • The Monastery nuns who have sung and played beautifully in their playthrough end of July. (Links will be posted soon on P3 Facebook Page )
  • Brendan and Michelle who has come a long way with his reading skills and learning “William Tell” with foot pedal
  • Chole R. who has learned all her Twinkles and doing great learning to use her wrist more.
  • Tyler  who has improved with his finger technique learning  Little Playmates and reading with Chant Arabe!
  • Debbie Martin who has finished learning “Part of Your World.”
  • Elizabeth Patterson who has finished learning to develop her left hand with Hanon, the Storm, Happy Farmer, and accompaniment skills with Be Not Afraid.
  • Tiffany and Ian  for completing theory group class training Suzuki style at Holy Names University in Oakland.
Let us celebrate these accomplishments!


A Look Back playing at a Senior Home

Playing at Hierloom Gardens Senior Living. Thank you students and parents for your support. It was such a great experience. One senior was so inspired he wanted to play some hymns with his violin as well as I accompanied him… . It was a joyful time. : )

Summer is Here!



P3 Spring Recital 2018 Success!

Thank you all for all your support and all your hard work.  You all played beautifully!

Building friendships!


Thank you for the lovely flowers!



P3 Piano Spring Recital 2018 Selected Videos, Student Accomplishments Have Been Posted!

Thank you to all the students and parents for all their hard work! Thank you to all the parents who stayed and helped set and clean up afterwards.


Click here to see videos! 

Click here to see Student Accomplishments Updates

P3 Holiday Recital 2017 Videos are Here!

Merry Christmas…..Wishing you All a Happy and Blessed New Year!



Hello Everyone! Selected  videos are posted on the video page,  including the highlights. You can also see them on the Official P3 Piano Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/p3piano/.   Wanted to thank all the parents and students who have worked very hard in making this recital possible.  The kids had fun playing games after a wonderful potluck reception.  Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving Theory Group Class

Thank you all for your support in these theory group classes.  We had a good turn out this time.  Our students had a lot of fun learning rhythms with a Thanksgiving theme.  They also had a chance to play for each other.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Next….don’t forget to turn in your Carnucopia coloring contest before Thanksgiving break.
Best Regards,
Phyllis > : )


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